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3 Months Ago

📮 Updated confirmation email style

We care (truly, madly, deeply) for each and every user. Account confirmation emails are the first touch-points for each user, and we wanted to give them a good experience with that as well. So, obviously, we made some upgrades to that system today.

Previously ⌛️

The account confirmation emails looked like any other email. It was plain text, with just a simple link to confirm their account. How could that possibly be that simple, when we are celebrating each and every user? Something was not right. So we put our heads down and got down to work.

Now. Today. Present. 🎁

The entire email has been redesigned. The account confirmation email now looks authentically Hellonext. It is more personal. Much easier to confirm an account and also, listed out, it just looks awesome. Enjoy using Hellonext.

Do you think there's something more we could do for you with our account confirmation email? Just leave us a note here. We've got you covered. In scorching hot sun ☀️, and rain ☔️.