Cover images for release notes

Writing a release note is more than just telling your customers what’s new. It is a representation of you and your teams’ collective effort. This has to be at its finest when showcasing, and that’s why today’s update to our changelog module matters.

Hellonext (soon to be featureOS) is the best tool to write your release notes for your product. It is now even better with the ability to add cover images to your changelog posts.

Adding cover image to a changelog post is seamless. When writing the changelog in the beautiful distraction-free editor, you will now see an option on the right to upload a new cover image. Just like what I’m doing while writing this post.

We hope this new feature will help you make your release notes even better and special for your product. Enjoy using Hellonext (featureOS).


See only posts you voted on


Starting today, you can now see the posts you have voted on, rather than viewing everything’s posts. This is now available for all your customers on the user-side feedback portal.

The new “Voted by me” filter is available alongside the other filters that are on the user-side portal. This brings the filters to these options:

  • Latest

  • Top

  • Voted by me

  • Status filters

We hope this helps your customers/users get more done on featureOS (aka Hellonext).

Export Posts from Views, Filters, and More

Users can now export posts directly from their saved views and filtered results. This new feature allows for more streamlined data management and enables users to easily generate datasets based on their specific needs or interests.

  • View-based Export: Export posts directly from the filtered view you are currently browsing. This makes it easy to create a dataset that matches your current perspective.

  • Filter-based Export: Export posts that match your current filter settings. This allows you to create datasets that are specific to your research criteria.

  • CSV Export Support: We've introduced support for CSV exports. Once you select a view or a filter, and click the magical "Export" button, you will receive an email with a link to download the CSV.

The new export feature release is a significant step forward in enhancing user flexibility and control over data management and extraction. The export option is currently available on our Fly High plan and we hope it adds value to your data analysis and research tasks. As always, we welcome feedback to continually improve our service. Happy exporting!

Introducing Multiple Roadmaps

Strategically designed to help product teams implement the most impactful features by filtering down the numerous requests they receive from various sources.

Depending on the project's nature and organizational structure, you can create roadmaps for each quarter, sprint, or team-wise! Offer a high-level overview of the goals to be achieved during the specified time frame.

As a Product Manager, you can use Hellonext to calculate the prioritization score for your posts and choose between R.I.C.E and Value vs. Effort prioritization methods! This powerful feature is available for all paid plans as a Power-Up and comes with a 7-day trial. Learn more about how this works in our help article!

We look forward to seeing the positive impact it has Stay tuned for more exciting updates 🔔

Discord Integration


Introducing the Hellonext for Discord ✨. A brand new way to keep yourself and your community updated with the feedback posts and other activities on Hellonext.

You can now connect your Hellonext workspace with your Discord server for a bi-directional feedback syncing. Your team can stay in the loop with the progress of requests and collaborate across both platforms seamlessly.

Check out our help article for more information on how to make the most of this exciting feature.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 🧡

Linear, GitHub, and ClickUp integrations now works automagically


We’ve made some incredible updates to our Linear, GitHub and ClickUp integrations, and the changes are live right now for you in your Hellonext dashboard.

Starting today, you can choose to automatically push new posts that are getting submitted to your Hellonext organization to the Linear or GitHub or ClickUp.

The ability to automatically push posts from Hellonext to your workflow tools saves you a lot of time, and automate your work.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. See what we’re working on next →

Enjoy using Hellonext🙂

Limit the number of times guests can vote


Starting today, you can limit the number of times a guest user can vote on a feedback post. This helps Admins like you control spam, especially when you have guest submissions and votes enabled.

On a platform-level, Hellonext has spam and abuse protection to prevent any user from abusing your account on Hellonext with malicious votes, comments and posts. But this new option will give you granular control over such activity on your account.

You can enable this option today by going to Boards → Settings → Additional Settings to set Guest vote limit per user.

Of course, it is not just this update that rolled out to all our customers now. We have made incredible amount of upgrades to the platform as well as squashed some bugs to make your experience even better.

Setup trusted domains on Hellonext

Sometimes, you would want to provide access to your private Hellonext organization to people with a particular domain name in their email address.

Starting today, you can now configure trusted domains under your organization settings. This gives you the ability to automate domain access cutting down a ton of time you might spend in access controls to your customers and team members.

You can start using trusted domains feature by following the steps in this knowledge base article here.

We believe this will help you fly through your feedback from users much faster than earlier.

Of course, we have made a ton of performance improvements and bug fixes that will make you use Hellonext even better.

Enjoy using Hellonext.

[Improvement] New full-screen forms


Starting today, we’re rolling out a full-screen page for users who are creating new posts on Hellonext to give you feedback.

Why will this make it even more easier to collect feedback? How will this help your users? Here’s our thought process behind this decision:

  1. Full-screen forms would help the users get less distracted.

  2. Allows users to think through clearly without the UI calling for the users’ attention.

  3. Gives us room for rapid expansion of features in the coming months.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the new post modal with the full-screen glory:

Unique Letterbox email addresses for your boards!


Here’s the holy grail feature if your team frequently receives feedback or requests via email! ✨

Letterbox has been a great way for our customers to capture feedback and interact with them over unique email addresses. When we launched this feature back then, it was an instant hit, and we wanted to level-up this feature for you.

Letterbox v2

Letterbox v2 takes the email capture to a whole new level. You can now configure a letterbox address for each board and automate inbound feedback to that board, helping teams like Support, Billing and Devs keep their focus on a single board, which they handle.

Using Letterbox v2

Head to your DashboardBoards and choose a board → Toggle to Settings → scroll down to Advanced Settings to enable Letterbox and generate the address! We use a combination of the board’s name and a random string to help make it spam free.

Once done, communicate this letterbox address to your customers or use a simple CTA button with a mailto link to trigger the email client. Your customers can now make submissions from the comfort of their email inbox and you are all set.

Head to our help article for drill down and we’ll be back very soon with more updates!