🐭 Introducing right-click menus

We have added new right-click menus (context menus) to Hellonext. The new context menus allow you to right-click on any post in your Admin Dashboard to perform quick actions, cutting down your time to manage posts even further. Things like Pin posts, Disable comments, and Change status all become quick and easy to manage your customer feedback.

We are also expanding contextual menus to other parts of the platform: boards, changelog, roadmap, and such. The expansion will roll out over the next couple of weeks to all users of the platform.

Other small features

  • Implemented restrictions to features based on the plans to make sure the platform is not abused
  • You can now see who reacted to a comment by hovering your mouse pointer over it

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue that showed a "too much traffic to handle" message for users
  • Fixed a bunch of UI issues that crept in across the platform
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some users from commenting when using SSO
  • Speed improvements across the platform & fixed a cold-start problem
  • Improved rendering of Favicons in Admin Dashboard → Organization Settings page
  • Fixed some layout issues that might have made the platform look bad on some large screens

Features we're prototyping

We are prototyping some features with some of our customers. These might make it to all our customers, or we might part it for later depending on the response and value-add.

  • User profile pop-up cards → when you hover over a person's profile picture/name, a beautiful card would show up with some essential information about them;
  • Improved merge posts handling → we have re-written the merge post algorithm and improved the messaging to make it easy for you to manage merging and un-merging posts;

🔖 Read-only Public Feedback Boards

Provide read-only access to feedback boards with the posts you created as a product owner.

There are so many times when you want your customers to focus on the features that you need validation on. The read-only boards help you do just that. As a product-owner, you create the features that are coming up in a public feedback board, and ask your customers to vote or comment on them to help you prioritize the features.

This request came from one of our customers who wanted their customers to focus on what the actual roadmap of the product is and eliminate clutter. Cheers to them for this feature request 🥂.

Even more features

  1. We re-wrote the support for Russian customers
  2. Production-ready Portuguese language support
  3. Enabling masked users will not mask team members names now
  4. You can now filter posts on the user-side with tags

Fixes and improvements

  1. Improved the page load speeds by 1x on the user-facing side
  2. Improved Intercom integration which is now faster than before
  3. Fixed an issue where the data picker might not work as intended when editing a changelog
  4. Fixed an issue where the link in the notification emails for a sub-set of customers might throw a 404
  5. Fixed an issue where the timestamp was stuck with one part of the world

Deferred features

  1. Voting for comments We are deferring this feature indefinitely since we got in reactions to comments. We believe that people will find reactions more expressive than just an upvote or a downvote on comments.

🛸 Invite people to private boards via Invite Links

You want to invite your customers to a private board with just a link? We shipped this just for you.

We have been improving a ton of backend stuff for the Boards module of Hellonext, and we wanted to make it super easy for customers to invite people to a Board. Today, we are happy to introduce the ability to create a unique link to your private board, and share it with your customers to join and interact with your boards.

You can find the Invite Link option under a Board's option. It is super simple and easy when you have to invite thousands of people to a Private Board.

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More new features

  1. Embed full changelog to your product  Besides embedding floating changelog widget, you can now embed the entire Changelog to your product with an iframe code. You can find this code in the Organization Settings → Integrations.
  2. Auto-approval for Admin Authored Posts  When an administrator creates a post on your account, it is now automatically approved when Post Moderation is enabled.
  3. Backdate a post → You can now backdate a post submitted by the user as an Admin.
  4. New filters for Notifications → You can now filter the types of notifications under your Notifications page.
  5. New filters in All Posts We have added + optimized filters in the All Posts section of Admin Dashboard.

Fixes and improvements

  1. Improved the database performance to accommodate more enterprise users
  2. Improved server capacity to accommodate more enterprise users
  3. Improved the ability to hide Intercom chat widget
  4. Boards module for Admin Dashboard has been completely re-written to optimize for better performance
  5. Fixed a bug which creeped in when submitting a new post on a particular version of Google Chrome
  6. Fixed an issue which prevented a sub-set of users from finishing an onboarding when email is blocked
  7. Fixed an issue in the editor which did not allow you to press space in some rare situations

✨ Starred Customers

Two things are critical for every product manager: priority and data. With this feature, we aim to help you simplify the prioritisation of the feedbacks you receive.

Today, we're introducing the ability to star selected users. When you view every post, you can check how many starred customers have voted or commented, or if a starred user has submitted the request itself, to triage the feature ask accordingly. Don't worry, we don't expose the stars to your end users!


  1. Users / Members can only be starred.
  2. Only admins can star / unstar their customers in the All Users page.
  3. All members of the organisation get to see the stars as feature triages are not always done by admins.
  4. End users don't get to see the stars and don't get notified of the same.

P.S.  We are bringing more lucrative features to help you identify and track your customers seamlessly! Stay tuned! :) 

🌂 Extra Columns in Roadmap

Folks, today we launch the two additional columns to match all 5 statuses provided in the default roadmap. Here's how you can enable it:

  1. Go to Roadmap Section in Dashboard and click Edit Columns button. (Ensure you are using the default roadmap)
  2. Using the Toggles enable the columns you want customers / all users to see.
  3. Once you Save the preferences, the dashboard should list all the columns that you had enabled.
  4. Now you can check the change in the customer-facing roadmap. 

Additional Info:

  1. You can rename the columns in the default roadmap when choosing the columns itself.
  2. You can display columns lesser than 3 also!

⏳ Set Estimated Time of Completion

This week, we are introducing the ability to set Estimated Time of Completion for a post. This will help your customers understand when a feedback they submit would come alive and they can start using the feature for themselves.

If you are the one setting the ETC for a post, make sure to provide production timelines for the post so that your customers can start using it on the set date.

How to set ETC for a post:

It is quite simple. You will find the ETC option on the right sidebar of a post you are currently viewing.

Every new release calls for killing some bugs as well. Besides this major feature, the team has killed some bugs and improved the API performance to help customers who handle thousands of feature requests every week.

💯 Introducing post numbering

Wouldn't it be easier if you could refer to particular feedback (post) with just a number? We have been testing this internally for a few weeks, and here is how our conversations changed. We went from: "Did you check out the post where a customer asked for numbering?" to "Did you check FR-19?"

Quite practical and straightforward, right? You can now imagine how much time you would save by referring feedback with numbers rather than the feedback title.

How to customize post numbering?

Every new board is already assigned with a four-letter number prefix so that you can start referring to posts right out of the 'board.' If you wish to customize, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Admin Dashboard, click on the Boards option;
  2. This will take you to the list of all the boards you have in your account; choose the one of the board for which you wish to customize the numbering prefix;
  3. Click on the Options of the Board you just chose;
  4. You are good to go;

Enjoy using the post numbering. Here's to the next big releases coming this month 🔥.

🎁 3x faster comments, reactions and discussions

Hellonext is now the host for tens and thousands of comments. Some of you might even have hundreds of comments for one single feedback and this is exciting. The sound almost doubled when we introduced internal comments for everyone earlier last month.

This huge change and increased engagement called for a even better engineered commenting system. Our engineers put their heads down to focus on how well the comments segment can be improved, and the ideal solution was to achieve this:

  • The comments should load asynchronously;
  • The comments must load faster even when there are hundreds of comments in one single post;
  • Internal comments should load on-demand;
  • Load the comment reactions 3x faster;
  • Images and attachments on comments should perform 3x faster than before;

After a week of hard work, the front-end engineering team and our testing team together waved the checkered flag to our DevOps team to push the new commenting system live.

Next up, we are working on some real-time comments and interactions;

📌 There is one more thing: You can now pin a comment with just a click.

Say for example you want to highlight a comment from a customer or your team that might help others who are visiting that feedback, the pinned comment shows up at the top. It is simple, easy to use and functional.

🔒 Again, one last thing for today: You can now approve comments in-line

We know. We understood the pain. When you have comment moderation enabled in your Admin Settings, you need to go back to the Admin Dashboard to approve a comment. This wasn't scalable. So we fixed it. You can now approve a comment right in the post page without having to go to the Admin Dashboard.

If you are like hundreds of Product Managers who use Hellonext to moderate comments, this will save you a ton of time.

As always, enjoy using Hellonext. This one is for you! 😍

📮 Updated confirmation email style

We care (truly, madly, deeply) for each and every user. Account confirmation emails are the first touch-points for each user, and we wanted to give them a good experience with that as well. So, obviously, we made some upgrades to that system today.

Previously ⌛️

The account confirmation emails looked like any other email. It was plain text, with just a simple link to confirm their account. How could that possibly be that simple, when we are celebrating each and every user? Something was not right. So we put our heads down and got down to work.

Now. Today. Present. 🎁

The entire email has been redesigned. The account confirmation email now looks authentically Hellonext. It is more personal. Much easier to confirm an account and also, listed out, it just looks awesome. Enjoy using Hellonext.

Do you think there's something more we could do for you with our account confirmation email? Just leave us a note here. We've got you covered. In scorching hot sun ☀️, and rain ☔️.

🧐 Mask user details, partially!

The ability to mask user details has been one of the core features on Hellonext. Starting today, you can get even more options to mask users' details.


When your account has the "Mask user details" option turned on, all of your users details are masked from one another but was visible for the admins. This could be a hinderance for people who are interacting with your Hellonext account from the same company.


With the new update, you will find an additional option in your Admin Dashboard settings called "Partial mask user details", which is smart. When this option is enabled, two people with from the same company can see each other when interacting with your Hellonext account. But they cannot see people who are interacting with your account from other companies. For example, Bob and Charlie belong to the same company called "ABC Corp". Dan belongs to "H Corp". When all three comment on a post, Bob and Charlie can see each other, but they will see Dan's name as "Guest user", instead of Dan.

This makes collaboration a bit more simple, easier and effective. We truly hope this features helps you manage your Hellonext account better. Here's to more such options for better product management. 🎉