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3 Months Ago

🧐 Mask user details, partially!

The ability to mask user details has been one of the core features on Hellonext. Starting today, you can get even more options to mask users' details.


When your account has the "Mask user details" option turned on, all of your users details are masked from one another but was visible for the admins. This could be a hinderance for people who are interacting with your Hellonext account from the same company.


With the new update, you will find an additional option in your Admin Dashboard settings called "Partial mask user details", which is smart. When this option is enabled, two people with from the same company can see each other when interacting with your Hellonext account. But they cannot see people who are interacting with your account from other companies. For example, Bob and Charlie belong to the same company called "ABC Corp". Dan belongs to "H Corp". When all three comment on a post, Bob and Charlie can see each other, but they will see Dan's name as "Guest user", instead of Dan.

This makes collaboration a bit more simple, easier and effective. We truly hope this features helps you manage your Hellonext account better. Here's to more such options for better product management. 🎉

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