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3 Months Ago

🎁 3x faster comments, reactions and discussions

Hellonext is now the host for tens and thousands of comments. Some of you might even have hundreds of comments for one single feedback and this is exciting. The sound almost doubled when we introduced internal comments for everyone earlier last month.

This huge change and increased engagement called for a even better engineered commenting system. Our engineers put their heads down to focus on how well the comments segment can be improved, and the ideal solution was to achieve this:

  • The comments should load asynchronously;
  • The comments must load faster even when there are hundreds of comments in one single post;
  • Internal comments should load on-demand;
  • Load the comment reactions 3x faster;
  • Images and attachments on comments should perform 3x faster than before;

After a week of hard work, the front-end engineering team and our testing team together waved the checkered flag to our DevOps team to push the new commenting system live.

Next up, we are working on some real-time comments and interactions;

📌 There is one more thing: You can now pin a comment with just a click.

Say for example you want to highlight a comment from a customer or your team that might help others who are visiting that feedback, the pinned comment shows up at the top. It is simple, easy to use and functional.

🔒 Again, one last thing for today: You can now approve comments in-line

We know. We understood the pain. When you have comment moderation enabled in your Admin Settings, you need to go back to the Admin Dashboard to approve a comment. This wasn't scalable. So we fixed it. You can now approve a comment right in the post page without having to go to the Admin Dashboard.

If you are like hundreds of Product Managers who use Hellonext to moderate comments, this will save you a ton of time.

As always, enjoy using Hellonext. This one is for you! 😍

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