3 Months Ago

Disable comments πŸ‘Ύ

Here is an option to disable comments for boards or posts of your choice. This option will disable users, members and admins from adding any comments to the posts in the board or the respective posts, you had disabled comments. 

You can choose to disable comments while creating a bucket or edit the bucket settings after creation. All you need to do is check the box. 

You can disable comments to a single posts from the options dropdown in the post show page. 

To revert this you can uncheck the disable comments box from the bucket settings or click on enable comments from the post settings. 

3 Months Ago

πŸ”Ž Comment Moderation

Like post moderation you can moderate the comments before they get published. Comments moderation is applied to an organisation on the whole and the setting is available in the Dashboard page. 

All the comments submitted are curated under a page called 'Comments' under the moderation sub-menu in the Dashboard page. 

The organisation admins can enable or disable this moderation setting.

3 Months Ago

Internal Comments πŸ“Œ

Internal Comments option allows the organisation team to hold a discussion in private for any post. Both the members and admins can add an internal comment. This will be completely hidden from anyone except the org team. For example users will only see πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Whereas the org teams have, 

The team can toggle between submitting an internal comment or a public comment. For easy differentiation, all internal comments are highlighted in yellow. One can reply to public comment, start a new internal comment thread or reply to existing internal comment

Even for buckets or posts with disabled comments, teams can still add an internal comment. It will be only comment box available. 

4 Months Ago

Merge Posts πŸ”—

To relieve admins from the trouble of removing duplicate submissions we have brought in the option to merge posts of similar context. All that the admins need to do is open the post to be merged, click on Options, click on merge post and search for the post to be merged with.

A modal pops up showing a visual representation of the two posts being merged. 

On your confirmation the two posts are merged into one.

All the votes and comments present in the child post will automatically merged with that of the parent post. Also duplicate votes i.e, votes by the same user, will be counted as one. Smart, aren't we?

5 Months Ago

Better Editor, Pin Posts, Submission Templates, Improved Performance, Search Tags

The latest Hellonext updates makes it faster, easier and much more fun to submit and view feedbacks.

Better Editor for Feedback πŸŽ‰

It's now easier than ever to submit feedback using our new editor. Try submitting a new feedback in it today and feel the difference.

Pinned Feedback πŸŽ‰

You can pin a specific feedback to your home page so that your can tell your users what's important or have an fancy README at the top of your organization.

Submission Templates πŸŽ‰

Want to give your users some nudge on how their feedbacks should be formatted or what tone they should use? Now you can add templates to your submit forms!

Go to buckets page in admin and get started!

Improved Performance πŸš€

Hellonext is now two times more faster with some prolific backend optimisations. And we already have our eyes set on more performance updates in the future.

  • Search results now shows Tags, so you can filter by tags easily 🀩
  • You can disable email notifications to your users now. 🀩
  • More language translation fixes 🀩

And that's all for August 2020! But that's now all, we have more new and exciting stuff in the pipeline which we can't wait to show you next month!

Until then, see ya  πŸ‘‹ 

5 Months Ago

New Design, Comment Moderation, Embeddable Roadmap, More Colors and so much more 🌈

  • We now have a brand new design in our home page! We gave more focus to quickly reading posts and submitting new posts easily. Go to our homepage to see for yourself.
  • Modules like Buckets, Roadmap and Changelog can now be renamed to your desire.
  • Comment moderation can be now enabled for your whole organisation. If you enable it, you can review each comment before they are public.
  • Comments can be disabled for specific buckets also.
  • Roadmap's are now embeddable as iframe in your own site. Go to advanced settings to get started.
  • Your brand color is now the button, link and other primary color in your organisation. (Custom color coming soon.)
  • New separate moderation page for posts and comments.
  • Removed unused tracking scripts for better privacy.
  • A bunch of translations have been updated.
  • Fixed autosuggestions when submitting posts.
6 Months Ago

New Admin Design πŸŽ‰

  • We just released a redesigned view of admin panel! We are just getting started here, we have several new features and improvements coming to the admin panel soon, so stay tuned. πŸŽ‰
  • Fixed some Russian translations. βš™οΈ
6 Months Ago

New Editor for Changelogs!

We now have a new editor for changelogs.

  • You can now write lists,
  • Bold, Italicize, add links and much more

And new image uploader!

Oh, and we updated changelog design too! Cheers πŸŽ‰

7 Months Ago

Roadmap!! 🀩

We now have roadmap view! A kanban like interface to get a overview of your product’s development timeline. Take a look at how our roadmap: https://feedback.hellonext.co/roadmap

  • Feedback submission opens up in the same page now for faster submissions! πŸŽ‰
  • Polished some language strings, so Hellonext should be better in all languages now βš™οΈ

11 Months Ago

March 2020 πŸš€

Emoji reactions for comments, custom branding for forms, Intercom integration, Custom Domains and so much love 😍!