Unique Letterbox email addresses for your boards!


Here’s the holy grail feature if your team frequently receives feedback or requests via email! ✨

Letterbox has been a great way for our customers to capture feedback and interact with them over unique email addresses. When we launched this feature back then, it was an instant hit, and we wanted to level-up this feature for you.

Letterbox v2

Letterbox v2 takes the email capture to a whole new level. You can now configure a letterbox address for each board and automate inbound feedback to that board, helping teams like Support, Billing and Devs keep their focus on a single board, which they handle.

Using Letterbox v2

Head to your DashboardBoards and choose a board → Toggle to Settings → scroll down to Advanced Settings to enable Letterbox and generate the address! We use a combination of the board’s name and a random string to help make it spam free.

Once done, communicate this letterbox address to your customers or use a simple CTA button with a mailto link to trigger the email client. Your customers can now make submissions from the comfort of their email inbox and you are all set.

Head to our help article for drill down and we’ll be back very soon with more updates!